Project Description

A tandem jump to remember with sensational views of the Swiss Alps. Enjoy a very different kind of adventure with an experienced and specially trained skydiver. A 15-minute flight in a helicopter or a plane takes you up to a height of 4,000 metres / 13,000 ft. The door opens, your heart thumps wildly, adrenaline surges through your veins, one deep breath and out you jump. 40 seconds of freefall reaching a final speed of over 200 km/h. An absolutely indescribable feeling! Photo and video service available. Skydiving takes place daily all year round depending on weather conditions and total trip time is approximately 4 hours. There is a maximum weight limit of 95kg/210lbs (helicopter) and 105kg/230lbs (airplane). In addition, there is a  maximum height limit of 183cm/6ft (helicopter). All weight limits are including the clothes and shoes you will be most likely wearing on the day of your skydive.