Project Description

Explore the Lake of Brienz by kayak or SUP. Half day tours start in Bönigen and take you to beautiful cliffs, a hidden beach and a 12th century castle in Ringgenberg. Your guide will offer instruction on how to develop your paddling skills and will also capture your experience with lots of photos to show to your friends and family back home.

Evening Tours: The evening is a special time of the day where the lake calms down again and the sun starts to set.  There’s always a special calming atmosphere in the evening, perfect for photos and a relaxing way to end the day. The evening tour follows the same itinerary as the half day tour above.

The session lasts 3 hours, of which around 2 hours are spent on the water. Summer tours run from May until October. When the water temperature gets colder winter tours (with drysuits) are available in October/November.